Strivers’ tax will hammer 4900 working families in Copeland

December 2012

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed, has reacted angrily to government plans to hit working families with a new tax.

He said: “Working families in Copeland will be amazed that George Osborne is asking them to pick up the tab for his failure at the same time as he gives a tax cut to millionaires. By limiting working tax credits to a 1% rise, he is in effect cutting the incomes of hard workers who are struggling to make ends meet as it is.

“Wages are not rising anywhere near fast enough and now the Chancellor thinks it is fair to hit working families that exacerbates the problems.  It will be the first time since the second world war that a Government has introduced policies that have deliberately made those who need help the most poorer.

“Almost 5000 working families in our area are facing a strivers tax because this government has failed on jobs and it has failed on growth.”


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