Broadband in Copeland

January 2013

On learning that Broadband services in Whitehaven are unreliable, Jamie Reed, MP for Copeland, said:

“Unreliability of the service won’t be news to anyone, but the changing nature of business practices means that strong reliable broadband is now a necessity for local companies.  This is more apparent every day – for major national chains and independent traders.  Businesses, in our towns and on our high streets, need reliable and effective access to the internet in order to compete and be successful.

“Seeing big companies, such as HMV and Jessops, disappearing from our high street should expedite efforts to do all we can to help and promote small and medium businesses; ensuring and maintaining a strong broadband connection is essential to this.

“BT has recently announced roll out plans, but it is essential that Government ensures these investments are easy for broadband companies to make.  For areas like ours to bridge the gap with major conurbations, we all know that we have to do this.  For businesses of all types, the ability to compete online is becoming a fundamental basic.

“Some recent moves are welcome, but we need to see faster action to protect our high street businesses.  The Federation of Small Business in West Cumbria are calling for better access to broadband and it is incumbent on all of us to work together to ensure that there are no delays and that this is expedited as quickly as possible.”


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