Bedroom Tax will hit 2000 Copeland Families

February 2013

Copeland’s MP Jamie Reed has called on the government to drop its bedroom tax. He said:

“It is clear that the consequences of this ill-thought-out tax on families will be enormous. The many letters I have received from constituents about this shameful policy is just the tip of the iceberg.  Around 2,000 families in Copeland will be affected when the tax is introduced soon.  This change comes into effect on the same day that David Cameron will give millionaires a tax cut. Each Copeland family affected by this will be forced by Government to find an extra £500 a year to keep their home.

He continued: “Many families will not be able to avoid this tax by moving house, as there just aren’t the homes available for people to move into – the Government’s own policy assessment shows this. 

“It’s another example of how detached from ordinary people this Government is. Families on low incomes are now faced with the choice of being hit in the pocket or losing their homes while this Government gives a tax cut to millionaires.

“Throughout the debate, instead of listening to concerns, the Government cobbled together contradictory and weak justifications that will have reassured no-one.  They offered no answers to the many issues raised.  They could not say why single parents with joint custody should be made to pay more; they could not say why disabled people who have had their homes adapted should be made to pay more and they could not say why families of our armed forces should have to pay more. 

“And at a time when our local economy is struggling, the bedroom tax will hit our businesses and high streets hard too as people have increasingly less money to spend locally.

“Cameron’s bedroom tax is unacceptable, indefensible and increasingly typical.  It will not be forgotten.”


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