Foodbanks – "Ignorance is Bliss"

February 2013

Jamie Reed, Member of Parliament for Copeland, slams Government’s attitude to Food Banks. He said: 

“The economic climate means that more and more people are using food banks in order to feed their families and to make it through the week.  Many of those who use food banks are employed and hard-working, but are struggling to make ends meet.  This is a shameful state of affairs. 

“Those who operate food banks do so through generosity and selflessly give up their time to help those who need it whilst the Government sit idly by, ignorant of the need for food banks on the good that they do.     

“I asked the Government minister David Heath how many people are currently using food banks in Copeland and he told me that they didn’t keep a record of this information and that they don’t intend to start collecting it. 

“He says that he can’t see what benefit it would provide to have this information, but, it would clearly show the real effects of the Government’s disastrous economic policies which are driving some families to the brink.  Food poverty is a big issue – a growing issue in Cumbria – and the Government must do more to help those who need it. 

“By refusing to collect this data, the Government is wilfully attempting to bury its head in the sand – it’s painfully out of touch with the challenges facing ordinary people. 

“Collecting information on those who use food banks would enable Government to better target policies to help those who really need it, but it prefers not to know.  For them, ignorance is bliss.”


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