Budget 2013

March 2013

Jamie Reed, Member of Parliament for Copeland, has responded to today’s budget. He said:
“Today, the Chancellor delivered his fourth budget. After 3 years of failure, his tonic is more of the same.  There is no growth in the economy, no job creation and no end to the hard times in sight.  His plan has failed yet he will not change course.
“Just before Christmas, Osborne delivered his growth predictions, but these have now been slashed.  The projected economic growth for this year has been halved; and it has been downgraded for years to come.
“He is sticking to the tax-cut for millionaires while making ordinary West Cumbrians pay more.  The income of working families will be hit through cuts to tax credits, the bedroom tax and the cuts to maternity pay all while the Exchequer signs a cheque for the very wealthiest.  It shows where the Government’s priorities lie.
“I called for a radical budget to help the people of Copeland and the Chancellor offered little.  Today, unemployment has risen and there is more evidence that our young people are struggling to find jobs.
“I said that we needed a budget that helps us to achieve our local economic potential and provide the platform for the jobs of the future; the Chancellor has failed again to deliver and he has failed the people of West Cumbria.
“But despite the inadequacies of the Budget, we need to see this as yet another lesson: the people, families and businesses of West Cumbria need to work together, with common goals, to achieve our future economic success.  George Osborne won’t deliver this.”


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