Welfare Changes

March 2013

Jamie Reed, Member of Parliament for Copeland, has called on the Government to do more to raise awareness of welfare changes.

“In a few weeks, the Government will be giving a tax cut to millionaires while slashing the incomes of hardworking families. On the 1st of April, changes to the welfare system will leave many struggling to make ends meet. The number using food banks is rising and the profits of payday lenders are increasing as people are becoming more desperate.  There is a broad political consensus that the welfare system should be reformed, but David Cameron’s reforms hit the poorest first and hardest whilst he gives millionaires a tax cut.”

He went on to say “Families will be hit by the bedroom tax, changes to Council Tax Benefit and the cutting of Disability Living Allowance.  This is a toxic mix which will cost low income families hundreds of pounds a year and in some cases much more.

“The incompetence of this Government is shown clearly in their approach to welfare reform.  While lecturing that they are getting people back to work, they are cutting Job Centres in Copeland.  These are damaging policies that will do nothing to help the people who need it most. 

“Many people will be unaware of these significant changes and the huge impact they will have.  I have asked Ministers to look at the support they are giving to Job Centres in order to make sure people are aware of how these changes are going to affect them and their families. 

“With less than one month until the changes come into force, the Government must do more to make sure people are prepared.”


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