Emergency Assistance for Farmers

April 2013

Jamie Reed MP, Member of Parliament for Copeland has slammed the Government’s response to his call for more emergency assistance for farmers in the wake of the devastation caused by the cold weather.  He said:

“Following the hardship faced by many farmers in my constituency and the region as a whole, I called on the Government to do more to assist farmers and to communicate directly with the National Farmers Union.

“Having received their response, I am extremely disappointed.  They have put in place some guidelines which will mitigate some of the hardship, but this is nowhere near enough.  Farmers, in some cases, are facing ruin and the Government have the power and the responsibility to assist. 

“The only meaningful assistance has been a reduction in cost for farmers to have their stock losses removed and while this is welcome, it is a drop in the ocean compared to the hardship that farmers are now facing.

“I understand that the Government are planning to host a meeting with industry representatives to ‘highlight the financial impact this exceptional weather is having’; this is beyond parody – while farmers are being hit, the Government, instead of helping them, will be ‘highlighting’ their plight.

“This inaction is shameful and the Government must do more to help.”


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