Public Health Funding

11th June 2013

Jamie Reed MP, Member of Parliament for Copeland and Shadow Health Minister has responded to the latest premature mortality figures. He said:
“It is neither right nor fair for Cumbria to receive public health grants totalling a mere £31 per head in 2014-15, when places such as Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea receive almost 5 times that amount.
“Cumbria has some serious health inequalities which must be addressed, yet the Government is ignoring this.  Despite having a much lower rate of premature deaths compared with Cumbria, Richmond upon Thames will receive £9 a head more.  This is a patently unfair distribution of resources and the Government has so far refused to look at the funding formula used to calculate it.
“It is simply unacceptable that Cumbria’s public health services have to struggle with such little funding per head, when other areas receive substantially more.  The people of Cumbria deserve a fairer system that will see their local health providers receive enough funding to address the problems that we face.
“I will be writing to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, asking him to explain why Cumbria receives so little public health funding per head compared to many other local authorities, and asking him to redress the balance, in order to provide Cumbria, with the resources it needs.”
“I am also writing to every Cumbrian MP, asking them to support my efforts to see greater public health funding for Cumbria.”


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