Visiting Millom’s foodbank

Jamie Reed MP visited the foodbank in Millom during July, and found out that 11 people in the town had used the foodbank that week.

He said: “The foodbank is a superb example of a church movement filling in the gaps, but if you want to know what austerity looks like, it’s uncut grass, neglected memorials and people going to foodbanks to feed themselves. Since 2010, Copeland Borough Council has cut around £5m from its budget. Looking to the next two years, it’s going to get even worse. Between now and 2015, Copeland will have to lose another £2.5m, which amounts to around 50% cuts since 2010. With the county council also facing massive spending cuts, the inevitability is that local governments cannot carry on providing services to the same degree.”
“Millom has great potential. Just because the task has got harder doesn’t mean we stop trying.”

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