GEN II’s new graduates

13th July 2013 saw a cohort of 31 graduates from the Gen II scheme receive their qualifications at Energus, Lillyhall. The graduates completed their courses part-time, while in employment in the area. Foundation Degrees in Nuclear Related Technology and BEng Honours Degrees in Nuclear Plant and Process were presented at the ceremony. It was the first graduation of students achieving an Honours Degrees delivered entirely in West Cumbria.

The ceremony saw the presentation of four special awards by Jamie Reed MP –

Rachael Park, Barrow-in-Furness – Academic Achievement Award
Harrison Riley, Nethertown – Endeavour Award
Lorraine Harvey, Haverigg – Industrial Project Award
Natalie Robinson, Whitehaven – Honours Degree Student of the Year

The CEO of GEN II, Mike Smith, said: “This event is unique as normally Graduation Ceremonies are reserved for Universities, not Work-Based Training Providers. These students are working full-time whilst undertaking an academic degree. They achieve their qualification without running up huge debts, as their employer not only pays for their academic studies but pays them as well whilst they are studying.”

Jamie Reed MP said: “It was a real honour and privilege to be invited to this ceremony. When I became MP in 2005, the thing that immediately struck me was the regeneration that was needed in the area. We need to give our local economy a boost and give our young people more opportunities. We are now starting to see this happen and no more so than at GEN II’s graduation.”


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