Keogh Review

16th July 2013

Member of Parliament for Copeland and Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed, has reacted to Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust. He said:

“Professor Sir Bruce Keogh has produced a comprehensive piece of work which must lead to improvements in our local health services. He points out that we should be proud of the superb care provided by the NHS, that improvements must be made rapidly and that Northumbria is making a positive difference in Whitehaven and Carlisle. 

“Professor Keogh also reaches the same conclusion as the CQC; he finds that there are inadequate staffing levels and an over-reliance on locum cover in some areas. I have repeatedly made these points and they will again be addressed in my forthcoming health summit. I am currently awaiting a response from Jeremy Hunt regarding under-staffing and its detrimental effects upon our local services.

“Professor Keogh also warns against the political campaign to suggest that the 14 trusts he has investigated have overseen 13,000 excess mortalities. He writes: ‘However tempting it may be, it is clinically meaningless and academically reckless to use such statistical measures to quantify actual numbers of avoidable deaths.’

“I believe in the NHS and I share the views of Bruce Keogh – I accept his findings completely. Our task must now be to improve local services and this drive must be relentless. The government must now assist with this, stop ignoring the lessons of Mid Staffs and implement minimum staffing levels in hospitals. The government’s reorganisation of the NHS, costing £3.5 billion and without a mandate, has caused standards to slip backwards – this must be turned around. Medical staff deserve help and patients across North Cumbria deserve better.

“Sir Bruce Keogh has acknowledged the improvements that have been made since Northumbria have come on board and this shows just how crucial this acquisition is to improving healthcare across our region. I have asked Jeremy Hunt many times as to why the acquisition is being delayed and he is yet to respond.”


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