Sellafield contract extension: time to end the denial and deceit

October 4th, 2013

Sellafield contract extension: time to end the denial and deceit

NMP must recognise failure to build public trust 
Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has reacted to today’s announcement. He said:
“It’s important to recognise that the NDA has been good for the nuclear industry, good for Copeland and good for Cumbria. It takes its responsibilities to our area seriously and I back the judgement of its senior leadership team.
“I await the precise details, but a contract extension for NMP under revised and tightened conditions and fee structures is one of the options I asked the NDA to consider. The presence of an immediate termination clause places NMP on notice to improve – this improvement must be dramatic and swift.
“To date, NMP’s tenure at Sellafield has let down the taxpayer, the industry, the Sellafield workforce, the local community and the NDA. The consortium is riven with acrimony and routine decisions about the running of the Sellafield site are made across the Atlantic. So far, the contract has been gouged and the public taken for a ride whilst NMP has fostered a culture of denial and deceit. Promises made to this community regarding jobs and inward investment have not been met – and they must now be honoured.
“NMP can address these many failings if it so chooses. The presence of an immediate termination clause – more than ever before – should encourage them to do so. The consequences of failing to do this both for the contract and for the corporate reputation of NMP is obvious.
“For NMP to rebuild trust it must publicly recognise its many failings to date. To restore confidence it should publicly apologise for documented expenses abuses and to gain public support it must set out the details of a new contract with the community which specifies how it will honour its investment promises within a structured timetable. To gain credibility, NMP must respond to the many criticisms made of it by Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee and to earn the trust of the community it must reverse the profound damage it is doing to the local supply chain.
“NMP was first granted this contract in an atmosphere of optimism. Since that point, through their actions, they have developed an atmosphere of acrimony.
“It would be a mistake to see this contract extension as representing ‘no change’. On the contrary, if NMP wants to retain this contract for the next five years, it must change beyond recognition.”


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