23rd October 2013

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has today written to the Prime Minister to call for action to protect northern communities from potential fuel shortages and fuel price hikes as a result of the closure of Grangemouth. He said:
“Today’s announcement is extremely worrying: not only for the very sad news that 800 people will lose their jobs, but also for the wider repercussions that will be felt throughout our communities and our economy.
“Action needs to be taken immediately to ensure that fuel shortages don’t manifest as a result of this announcement and that petrol prices don’t rocket either. 
“Despite the Government’s out of touch rhetoric, hard working families in our communities are still struggling to make ends meet.  The local and regional economy is still in a perilous state and we simply cannot risk a situation that puts further pressure on families already struggling with the rising cost of living and small businesses in our region.
“It is essential that David Cameron acts to stop this situation from developing, and that contingency plans are drawn up to protect local families and businesses in the event of the worst case scenario.”


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