CCG Funding Cut

25th October 2013

Shadow Health Minister and Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has today written to all Cumbrian MPs to ask for their support in fighting government proposals to cut £60 million from the Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s annual budget. He said:
“The proposed cuts are simply wrong.  Taking £60 million out of local health services goes against every principle underpinning Sir Bruce Keogh’s recommendations to improve care in Cumbria.
“His report clearly points to a lack of staff on our wards and in our hospitals as a real cause for concern and this problem can only be addressed through greater investment not more government cuts.
“Healthcare provision in Cumbria is at a cross-roads.  Changes supported in the ‘Closer to Home’ review seem unattainable and services in our hospitals appear under constant threat whilst the people of Cumbria are left in the dark. 
“We can’t allow a situation to continue whereby the resources needed to improve care are consistently taken away.  Patients depend on high quality care and this budget cut will make it harder and harder for the standards of care that we require to be delivered.
“It is crucial that all MPs, from all political parties across the county come together to support the staff who are committed to working hard to improve healthcare provision and to categorically reject any plan by the Government to further reduce health services in Cumbria.”


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