Cumbria Trust

30th October 2013

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has responded to the creation of the ‘Cumbria Trust’. He said:
“Every voice with an interest in managing radioactive waste safely should be welcomed – but this campaign is sadly and transparently little more than an outside attack upon the people and businesses of West Cumbria and the major industry upon which they rely. It may have a new name, but this is the same-old anti-nuclear campaign.
“In respect of Managing Radioactive Waste Safely, it is fundamentally dishonest to claim that the geology of West Cumbria is unsuited to the location of a GDF. The reality is that unless the geology is explored, no such conclusion can be made. No responsible body would suggest that a GDF should be sited in an unsuitable geological area – nor would they be allowed to. To claim otherwise is scaremongering at best and – at worst- represents a smear campaign against the people of West Cumbria.
“Regrettably, West Cumbrian businesses, politicians, trade unions and other elements of civic society have been deliberately excluded from this campaign.
“This outside campaign is riddled with confusion and contradiction and seems actively determined to deter nuclear new build in West Cumbria – and with it the thousands of jobs this would create throughout the local economy and non-nuclear supply chain businesses.
“People and businesses across Cumbria who understand the economic challenge facing our county – but West Cumbria in particular – will be dismayed by this attempt to stop the economic growth we need, to deny our children the economic opportunities they deserve and to prevent the creation of a prosperous and vibrant West Cumbria.
“My door is always open to those behind the group if they want to acquaint themselves with the facts underpinning nuclear policy and the importance of the nuclear industry to West Cumbria and Cumbria as a whole.”


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