Progress is needed at Sellafield

5th November 2013

Following the Public Accounts Committee’s session regarding Sellafield yesterday, Jamie Reed has called for Nuclear Management Partners to account for their performance on the Sellafield site.

He believes that NMP should appear in front of Margaret Hodge’s committee to explain why progress at the site has been so slow.

Speaking earlier, Jamie said:“Decommissioning at Sellafield represents  a unique engineering challenge – there isn’t another site like it on the planet. I have always maintained that decommissioning costs at Sellafield would increase, given our limited knowledge of the detail of some of the challenges on the site. This remains the case, however, there is no such thing as a blank-cheque and the huge amount of public money spent there must be accounted for. With this in mind, many of the failings at Sellafield are due to, not to the nature of the engineering challenge, but the performance of Nuclear Management Partners.

 “The NDA has my full and complete support in its work. It is one of the most important public bodies in the country, undertaking a task of vital national and strategic importance. Under the leadership of John Clarke, improvements are being made and clear improvements in cost control and project management have appeared.”
“However, NMP is responsible for the day to day operation of the Sellafield site and they have real questions to answer. To this end, I have asked the Public Accounts Committee to call NMP to account for their failings at Sellafield before the end of the year. NMP will also have to account for the damage it is doing to the local supply chain and its failure to deliver a ‘Contract with the Community’.
He demanded improvements from NMP and warned of serious consequences should improvements not happen:
“NMP’s contract at Sellafield contains an immediate termination clause. So far, NMP has over-promised and under-delivered. Neither the local community or the nuclear industry can continue to tolerate this failure. We need to see progress or – inevitably – the contract will be terminated.”

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