Reduced hours for local Minor Injury Units

5th November 2013

Copeland MP and Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed has reacted to news of the reduced hours for local Minor Injury Units. He said:
“As winter starts to bite, with A&E full to bursting and with Minor Injury Units across our having to close early due to a lack of staff, the Government’s plans to cut £60 million from health care in Cumbria is abhorrent.
“The Keogh Review and various CQC reports have shown that a lack of staffing is the main reason behind poor care in our area and with MIUs being forced to close because their staff have to be deployed elsewhere is a damning indictment of what is happening to the NHS under this government.  Pulling billions of pounds from the front line to fund a chaotic reorganisation has plunged our NHS into crisis and it is patients that are paying the price.
“Thankfully, these changes are only temporary, but if the Government’s planned £60 million cuts go ahead, the situation will only get worse.  Cumbria needs more resources to allow trusts to bring in more staff and to improve care; cuts will have a devastating impact on health care provision in our county and this instance is just the tip of the iceberg.”


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