Jericho School Swap Classrooms for Westminster

6th November 2013
Staff and children from Jericho Primary School today visited the Houses of Parliament as part of their trip to London.

Jamie was happy to show the kids around Westminster Hall, St Stephen’s Hall, Central Lobby and St Mary’s Undercroft (the most haunted part of the estate!).

The history of the Palace of Westminster is rich in detail and the kids loved hearing about the famous trials that had taken place here including William Wallace, Sir Thomas Moore, Guy Fawkes and King Charles I.  With yesterday being Bonfire Night, Jamie spoke about the Gunpowder Plot and the story of the co-conspirators in their plot to blow-up the Houses of Parliament on the day of the State Opening.

The children were able to learn about the historic moments that have happened throughout British History including the Civil War and the abolition of the slave trade.

As a special treat, the visitors were able to see the cupboard where famous suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison hid during the night of the 1911 Census so she could list her address as the House of Commons, continuing the fight for extension of the franchise to women.  More information about women’s suffrage and Emily Wilding Davison can be found here.


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