Shadow Health Team visit to Street Med

19th November 2013

Jamie Reed MP and Debbie Abrahams MP visited the St Mungo’s StreedMed health service in Southwark, and heard how the organisation is helping the capital’s homeless people.

The StreetMed nurses allow homeless people to access healthcare, improving both their physical and mental health. Jamie and Debbie met Ricky, who has been helped by StreetMed for the past twelve months.

Jamie said – 

Street Med plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare and safety of London’s homeless, providing them with access to healthcare when they are in desperate need.

“By supporting outreach staff, paramedics, hospital clinicians, and hostels, Street Med works to prevent the most vulnerable in society from falling through the net.

“Homeless people often struggle with physical and mental health problems – which can potentially be a cause or an effect of their homelessness – and Street Med enables the inclusion of these people within the healthcare web and gives them essential help in a time of crisis.

“In times of bleak economic circumstances, the work that Street Med does is essential in being able to help those in our society in greatest need.”


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