Copeland MP welcomes NMP apology

10th December 2013

Copeland MP welcomes NMP apology

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has welcomed the new strategy published by Sellafield Ltd designed to place the site at the heart of the UK’s energy future. The strategy was launched by Sellafield MD Tony Price.

Jamie Reed said:

“Tony Price has already begun the work of implementing a new focus and working culture at Sellafield. He has my full support in moving the site forward for the benefit of the industry, the workforce and the local community.

“With Tony at the helm, I am optimistic about moving forward. At my request, he has made a commitment to me, on behalf of Sellafield Ltd and NMP, that they will put in place a ‘Community Contract’ outlining how the partners will work with local stakeholders to deliver truly transformational benefits, not just from socio-economics, but from how work is delivered on the site. This represents a big shift from what has gone before.

“It includes commitments to fixing the problems that there have been in the supply chain, so that local companies have better access to work and greater opportunities to succeed.

“It also covers socio-economic investments . NMP has invested money into socio-economic programmes but we don’t have enough to show for it – they’ve agreed with me that they will focus this investment so that we see significant, early and measurable benefits in our major towns, especially Whitehaven, and in key strategic areas, such as secondary education. I don’t expect NMP to fund everything, but the Community Contract will enable them to use their influence to act as a catalyst for major projects.

“I know that Tony Price understands what needs to be done and that he will do everything possible to deliver this.

“I was pleased that NMP Chairman Tom Zarges apologised to the Public Accounts Committee last week for performance of the past five years. I asked for this directly and it demonstrates that NMP understands how, why and where it needs to improve. This apology allows the site to move forward in partnership. These are early days, trust has to be restored in the way I have described, but I have no doubt that Tony Price is uniquely well placed to do this.”


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