Debate on food banks

18th December 2013

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has today called on the Government to tackle the cost of living crisis to help put an end to food poverty.

The number of people relying on food banks has dramatically increased in the last year according to figures from the Trussell Trust. Over half a million people in the UK are forced to visit food banks for help, up from fewer than 350,000 on last year. The problem is keenly felt in Copeland as an extra 600 people has received help this year, bringing the total number of people accessing food banks to almost 1800.

The figures show that it is families bearing the brunt of the pressure with 700 children being fed through their parents visiting food banks.

Jamie Reed said:

“The final verdict of any Government is how it treats the poorest in society during the hardest of times. The rise in the need for food banks is a horrifying indictment of this Government’s record and one that demands urgent action.

“Nationally, around half a million people rely on the generosity of their local communities. Around 1 in 5, so over 100,000 people rely on food banks due to low income. Those that are in work, doing the right thing and trying to provide for their families can’t keep their heads above water.

“This is the legacy of the current Government; it is one of working poor. The cost of living crisis, which is apparent in our communities, is one that is hitting an ever increasing number of people. These people are looking to the Government for help and yet the Government continue to favour their unapologetic inaction over actually helping people eat.”


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