Cumbria’s manufacturing industry essential for success

5th February 2014
Copeland MP Jamie Reed today joined John Woodcock MP and other members of parliament at a round-table discussion in Westminster to demonstrate to ministers and shadow ministers the wealth of manufacturing expertise that Cumbria has to offer.
A number of manufacturing companies from across Cumbria were in attendance at the event.
Jamie Reed said:
“It is great to see that Cumbria’s manufacturing industry pulling together. It is important to remember that we not only have a fantastic tourism sector in Cumbria, but we are also home to a number of world-class engineering and manufacturing businesses. It is Cumbrian industry that will drive our success and enable us to keep our best and brightest in the 21st Century.
“The success of industry in Cumbria is crucial to getting our economy back on track, and the work that local businesses do to support our community is vital. It is encouraging to see Cumbria lead the way in so many industries – from world famous nuclear and shipbuilding expertise to pharmaceuticals, motorsport, renewable energy and even food.

“I will be doing everything I can to promote further investment in manufacturing industry in Cumbria. Job creation is an essential part of creating a healthy economy, and I hope we will receive backing and support from ministers in order to enable Cumbria’s industrial backbone – from Barrow to Carlisle and across West Cumbria to flourish.”


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