“Government must support flood-hit communities in Cumbria”

11th February 2014

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed calls on the Government to give support to flood-affected Cumbria.
Recently, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, announced an extension of the Bellwin Scheme to help communities affected by recent flooding.
The extension allows local authorities to access additional funding to meet exceptional and unexpected costs associated with protecting lives and properties.
Local MP Jamie Reed has called on the Government to make available additional money to help those affected by the recent floods in Cumbria.
He said:
“This is an important step as significant extra resource is needed to cope with the devastation caused by the recent floods.  The images on the news from Somerset and the rest of the South West show just how necessary Government action is, but we know closer to home the scale of devastation and disruption that can be caused by flooding and severe storms.  The Bellwin Scheme was used extensively to address the Cumbrian floods in 2009.

“I will be pressing the Government to ensure that funding is made available to Cumbria County Council to help those communities affected by the flooding over the last few months.  We have endured significant damage to homes, businesses and our local railway and as such, the Government must act.  This extension of the Bellwin Scheme must ensure that the Government supports flood-hit communities in Cumbria.” 

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