Worrying rise in scarlet fever cases in Cumbria

18th February 2014

Copeland MP and Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed, has today responded to the news that there has been a rise in the number of cases of scarlet fever in Cumbria in 2014.
So far, there have been 36 confirmed cases in the county, and Public Health England is worried that there may be more undiagnosed cases, as people are unfamiliar with the symptoms of the disease, which has been uncommon for many years in Britain.
Local MP, Jamie Reed said:
“It is alarming that such a contagious disease as scarlet fever is on the increase in Cumbria, especially as a mere £31 per head of public health funding has been allocated to Cumbria County Council by the Tory-led Government, while affluent areas such as Kensington and Chelsea have been allocated over £100 more per head of population.
“The gap in inequality has only risen under this Government, and it is the less well-off areas which are being hit hardest. Serious diseases such as scarlet fever put an even greater pressure on our overstretched NHS, which is already having to do more with its limited resources, as well as finding efficiency savings.
“It is essential that Government does more to help reduce the prevalence of scarlet fever. They cannot expect Cumbria County Council to be able to tackle these issues effectively with such a limited public health budget. I will continue to press the Government to release further funding for local authorities, as this potential public health emergency demands urgent action.”

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