Copeland MP calls for further action on flooding

3rd March 2014
Last week, Labour forced a debate in the House of Commons on the recent severe flooding which affected thousands of people and businesses across the country. Labour demands that the Government must do more to help prevent future flooding, and that lessons must be learnt from the inexcusable chaotic response from the Government this winter.
Copeland MP, Jamie Reed, has written to the Prime Minister on the issue, and has called on the Government to give further help to those people in Cumbria affected by the floods.
He said:
“It is thought that there are in excess of 3000 homes at risk of flooding in Copeland, with over 700 of these classed by the Environment Agency as being at ‘serious risk’ of flooding.
“With the Government having cut spending on flood protection by £97million in real terms since 2010, people whose homes may be at risk are extremely worried about the damage future flooding could cause to their properties and businesses, as well as the disruption it would bring to their lives.
“Not only do we need better protections in place, our communities also need help now. Homes and businesses have been decimated and the Government must ensure that support is given to those who need it most.
“I have written to the Prime Minister, urging him to ensure that our local authorities will receive sufficient funding in order to deal with the problems that flooding has brought to our communities. The Government has a duty of care to address the devastation that has been and will be brought to the lives of my constituents due to flooding.” 

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