Sellafield-TEPCO co-operation agreement ‘a huge step forward’

29th April 2014

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has hailed the unprecedented signing of a co-operation agreement between Sellafield Ltd and TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Decontamination and Decommissioning Engineering Company (FDEC) as a ‘huge step forward.’

The ‘operator to operator’ co-operation agreement will see the two companies share knowledge, experience and skills on an on-going basis. This is the first time that any UK nuclear site operator has signed such an agreement with an international customer. 

Jamie Reed said:

“This is a huge step forward for Sellafield and the  importance of this agreement will demonstrated later this week when the Secretary of State for the department of energy & Climate Change and the Deputy Prime Minister attend the formal signing of the agreement in London as part of a Japanese State Visit and I was privileged to be able to meet and offer my support to the Japanese delegation at Sellafield today as part of their technical visit.

“When I make the case for Sellafield becoming an international centre of nuclear excellence, and a real world leader, this is precisely the kind of initiative that will help us to achieve this ambition. I’ve pushed DECC and government on these issues for years: we shouldn’t see Sellafield as a multi-billion pound problem. We should see the site and the challenges it represents as a multi-billion pound opportunity for West Cumbria and Britain as a whole. Local companies such as REACT are already assisting TEPCO with Fukushima operations.

“This is an exciting and important venture – Tony Price and his team should take real credit – but it also marks a genuine show of solidarity with the workers and communities around Fukushima. Knowledge transfer, the sharing of best-practice, the sharing of experience and more between nuclear communities is an extremely important part of successful decommissioning projects. We should always stand ready to help communities such as those in the Fukushima region and remember that, irrespective of any theoretical commercial opportunities, work such as this is for the common good.”

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