“This Queen’s Speech offers nothing for West Cumbria”

4th June 2014

Today, at the State Opening of Parliament, the Queen has announced the Government’s legislative programme for the year ahead in Parliament. This includes a bill to charge customers 5p for a plastic bag at the supermarket.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:
“The Government has run out of steam and has run out of ideas.  When it comes to the big questions facing the country today, the Coalition cannot provide any answers.
“David Cameron, with policies like the bedroom tax, has forced those who need the most help into hardship.  This week, Ken Clarke, a member of the Cabinet admitted that the majority of people haven’t felt any benefit of the Government’s economic policies, yet we see nothing from this Government that will help ease the growing pressure on people’s personal and family finances.
“We have seen first-hand the consequences of the Government’s decimation of local government finances in Copeland and have seen the consequences of the disastrous NHS re-organisations on patients and families in our area, yet there is nothing in today’s speech that will put right the problems that this Government has created.

“Rather than taking steps to make the economy work for everyone and rather than taking bold action to address living costs, the Government is running down the clock until the General Election.  People need help and the Government isn’t listening: this Queen’s Speech offers nothing for West Cumbria.”

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