West Cumbria Mining

10th June 2014

Responding to the announcement from West Cumbria Mining regarding plans to begin coal mining again in West Cumbria, Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:
“It is essential that when projects such as these are brought forward, they are subject to proper and robust scrutiny.  West Cumbria has a proud mining heritage and it is an important industry to many in our community. Therefore it’s crucial that the public is consulted at every stage of this process.  Given the scale of this investment, I hope that West Cumbria Mining will go above and beyond the statutory requirements on public consultation to ensure that everyone has a real opportunity to engage with this process.
“We need to know, how many jobs will be created and what the company would do to develop the skills needed in the local workforce to ensure there is a real and lasting material benefit our local community. We need to know the physical logistics of such a business – what would be needed in the way of roads and potentially schools, housing and healthcare. We need to understand what the environmental impact of the project would be – on and off shore – locally and nationally.

“I have always worked to bring jobs, skills and investment to West Cumbria. West Cumbria Mining will receive a warm welcome and  should always be encouraged to work in partnership with the local community.  This is potentially another step towards delivering the Energy Coast plan and West Cumbria is great place to do business.  I’ve consistently said that our best days are ahead of us, and the potential creation of 500 non-nuclear, non-public sector jobs from the private sector is further proof of this.”

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