Cumbrian patients waiting too long for cancer and other tests

22nd June 2014
Official NHS figures have shown that 200 people in Cumbria have waiting longer than the recommended six week limit for cancer tests.
Patients have waited for key tests that detect bowel and stomach cancers such as Colonoscopy, Flexi Signoidoscopy, Cytoscopy and Gastoscopy.
NHS guidance states no patient should wait longer than six weeks for the tests, but 197 people waited longer than that in the latest figures for April 2014 – up from just 4 in April 2010.
Jamie Reed, Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, said:
“These figures show that David Cameron’s mismanagement of the NHS is putting patients at risk.
“To ensure that those with cancer get the very best care that they need, speedy diagnosis is absolutely key.  It is simply unacceptable that hundreds of patients are being made to wait more than 6 weeks for such important tests.
“Labour warned David Cameron that his unwanted and wasteful reorganisation would harm patient care and this is clearly what is happening.  Under the Tories, the NHS is deteriorating; doctors and nurses are doing everything they can to maintain a high quality of patient care, but the pressure is now overwhelming and patients are beginning to bear the brunt of this bungled reorganisation.

“It is essential that the government doesn’t continue to undo the progress on cancer treatments that has been made over the last decade. Patients deserve better than this.”

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