Rebuilding Britain’s Nuclear Heartland; Reed: ‘Building a new West Cumbria’

30th June 2014

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has welcomed today’s announcement that sees Toshiba and GDF Suez  securing the arrangments that will see new nuclear build power forward at Moorside in Copeland, West Cumbria.
He said:
“We’ve nurtured this project from the very beginning. From helping to produce new national nuclear policy, to ensuring that Moorside was selected as a new nuclear  development site, to working in partnership with NuGen for many years. Today’s announcement is extremely exciting.
“Our local economic future is incredibly bright. Look at the projections here: the biggest ever private sector investment in our history, up to 21,000 new jobs and this is alongside the ongoing hospital development, an investment  in excess of £100m, the ongoing project for the £35m new school campus in Whitehaven, the £25m new office developments in Whitehaven town centre and other town centre development projects. I don’t believe that there is another area of comparable size in the United Kingdom set to receive the sheer scale of economic investment that we are in West Cumbria – and every penny has been hard won.
“NuGen has rightly called our area Britain’s nuclear heartland, and we are about to commence Europe’s biggest new nuclear project. None of this has happened by accident, but close to a decade of work is beginning to pay off: we are beginning to turn the corner, we are building a new West Cumbria.
“I’ll continue to chaperone this project, but its clear we now have the partners in place with the commitment, determination and ability to deliver our local economic ambitions and make us an area of global importance.
“I’ll continue to say this, and I hope the message is now beginning to be understood, in West Cumbria our best days are ahead of us.”

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