Under the Tories, there are fewer teaching assistants in Copeland’s schools

2nd July 2014
A parliamentary answer, secured by Jamie Reed MP, has revealed that since 2009, the number of teaching assistants in Copeland has been cut by over 20%.  This is in comparison to the national trend where there has been an increase of more than 30% over the same period.
This equates to a loss of almost 50 full time teaching assistants in classrooms throughout Copeland.  In January 2009, there were 258.1 full time equivalent teaching assistants in Copeland compared with just 206 by November 2012.
Jamie Reed MP said:
“David Cameron’s chaotic reforms to the education system are making it harder and harder for young people and their families.  He broke his promise not to cut funding for early intervention and he scrapped EMA.  So whether they are just starting school, or about to leave, this Government is damaging the prospects of our young people.  On top of this, it is now clear that the number of teaching assistants in Copeland has been cut.
“Teaching assistants play a vital role in supporting teachers who are increasingly under pressure.  David Cameron and Michael Gove have left schools, teachers, parents and pupils in a state of confusion and without the support they need.
“Teaching Assistants are a crucial resource in the classroom and it is unacceptable that they have been cut at a time when schools need help.”

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