Geological Disposal White Paper

24th July 2014

‘Failure can no longer be tolerated’ – Reed

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has welcomed today’s publication of a new geological disposal process for the nation’s radioactive wastes. 

He said:

“Government was right to consult and right to listen. Today’s white paper is a welcome step in moving towards resolving a critical national policy issue. My constituents currently live alongside the vast majority of the United Kingdom’s spent nuclear fuels and radioactive waste products. Nowhere else in our country is this policy agenda more pressing or more important. Nowhere else in the country does any community provide such a unique and valuable national service.

“Our country has a moral, economic and environmental obligation towards my constituents when it comes to resolving these issues. Any attempt by any government to ignore its obligations to my community in this policy area will no longer be tolerated.

“Central government needs to prove it has the desire, capacity and capability to solve these issues. This means that the centre of government must develop a way of working with, listening to and responding to communities in a way in which it has so far failed to do.

“Wherever in the United Kingdom an eventual GDF site is found, this will have a profound effect upon the people of Copeland and West Cumbria.”

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