Number of people relying on foodbanks in Copeland up by almost a third

2nd September 2014

Figures revealed by Labour MP, Jamie Reed, have shown that the number of people relying on foodbanks is up by 29.1% compared to 2012/13.  Almost 2000 people in Copeland were referred to North Lakes foodbank in 2013/14; an increase of almost 500 people.  The Trussell Trust estimate that almost 1 million people in the UK rely on foodbanks.

The areas with the highest levels of child poverty are the areas with the highest level of foodbank use.  In Sandwith, more than 1 in 10 rely on foodbanks.  People are only able to access foodbanks if they are identified as being in need by a care professional such as a doctor, social worker or even the police.

Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:

“The Government’s spiteful social policies have pushed too many working families into financial hardship.  Nowhere is this clearer than in the increasing demand for Foodbanks.

“Food poverty is a serious concern in Britain today, with over 2 million people thought to be malnourished.  The reality is, many people who work tirelessly to make ends meet are a broken washing machine or a large bill away from real financial hardship.  The number of people needing help to feed their family has rocketed under the Government but Ministers have done nothing to ease the pressure.
“Instead of shrugging their shoulders, the Government should look to ease the cost of living pressures by scrapping the Bedroom Tax which is causing misery to many and capping energy costs to relieve pressure on household budgets.”

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