“Coalition MPs must vote to abolish the Bedroom Tax”

4th September 2014
In advance of Friday’s vote in the House of Commons, Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has challenged Cumbria’s Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs to vote to abolish the Bedroom Tax.
A recent report by the Cumbria Welfare Reform Commission, chaired by the Bishop of Carlisle into the impact of the Government’s welfare reforms on the people of Cumbria found that the bedroom tax “had caused considerable hardship.”
The report also found that tenants could not “down-size” to a smaller property to avoid paying the bedroom tax as enough smaller homes do not exist.  Two thirds of those affected by the bedroom tax are disabled and it also hits 60,000 carers across the country.
On Friday, a vote will be held in the Commons on a bill to mitigate some of the impact of the bedroom tax.  Labour will seek to strengthen the bill to abolish the bedroom tax and Jamie Reed MP is calling on Cumbria’s Coalition MPs to support the bill and abolish the bedroom tax.
He said:
“The Bedroom Tax is a constant and unnecessary source of anguish for people throughout West Cumbria and one that forces working families into financial hardship.
“The Cumbrian Welfare Reform Commission found that the impact of the Bedroom Tax on people in Cumbria has been severe.  During times of turmoil such as when a family breaks down or after the death of a loved one, people are hit with this tax or are forced out of the homes they have lived in for years.  Single parents have to sleep on the sofa so their children can stay over and disabled people are being charged to stay in homes that have been specially adapted for them.  Faced with this evidence, the Government must get rid of this spiteful, pernicious charge.

“Without the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives the Bedroom Tax would not exist. Friday offers them the opportunity to begin to right some of their wrongs. They should stand with Labour to abolish this hated tax.”

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