MP urges public engagement with National Grid consultation

4th September 2014

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has called for widespread public engagement with the National Grid consultation process regarding the new plans to update ‘the grid’.

Launched on September 3rd, the consultation will run for twelve weeks and will determine the route of the new grid improvements necessary for the three-reactor NuGen project at Moorside.

Jamie Reed MP said:

“Securing the new reactors at Moorside has not been easy. It has been a hard won achievement, we’ve defied expectations and the ambitions of NuGen and West Cumbria complement each other. With these plans in place, our future is brighter than ever before. That said, this has taken years to achieve.

“During this time, National Grid has undertaken patient, lengthy, painstaking consultation with a variety of local stakeholders. They have listened, they have learned and they have responded.

“This consultation on the National Grid’s preferred grid connection option is genuine. I know that National Grid will respond to reasonable concerns and considered suggestions and I am urging everyone across West Cumbria – particularly the overwhelming silent majority who want to see Moorside developed but who might not ordinarily take any notice of a consultation – to get involved.

“Without the successful completion of the grid connection project, all of our work in attracting NuGen to our area and in laying the foundations for our long term economic growth and prosperity will have been for nothing. We must not allow this to happen.

“I’m asking everyone who wants to see our economic ambitions realised to respond to the consultation because one thing is certain: those who don’t share our ambitions will do everything they can within this consultation to thwart our future prosperity.”


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