Jamie Reed MP supports Bill to fight the Bedroom Tax

5th September 2014
In Parliament, Copeland MP, Jamie Reed today voted to support a bill to undo damage caused by the Bedroom Tax.  The Bill, tabled by Andrew George, seeks to reform the bedroom tax so that disabled adults and anyone for whom a suitable smaller home cannot be offered would be exempt as well as those living in their home for more than three years and where disabled adaptations have been completed.
Labour votes helped the Bill pass the second reading stage and will now be debated in a committee of MPs.  Labour will now seek to strengthen the Bill to abolish the Bedroom Tax altogether.
Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:
“Labour’s position is clear: we want to see the Bedroom Tax abolished and we are committed to repealing it if we win the next General Election.
“The Bedroom Tax is causing suffering throughout West Cumbria and this bill gives us the platform to get rid of this hated charge and that is why I voted to support the bill.

“Labour will now table amendments to strengthen the bill to abolish the Bedroom Tax completely and I urge MPs of all parties to support the amendments.”

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