Maternity Review causes ‘Profound Concerns’

18th November 2014
Copeland MP and Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed, has today written to Nigel Maguire, Chief Officer of Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group, and Ann Farrar, Chief Executive of North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust, regarding the future of service provision at the West Cumberland Hospital, in particular the future of consultant-led maternity services at the hospital.
The text of the letter is below:
Dear Nigel and Ann, 
As you will be aware, there is a deep and widespread concern across the West Cumbrian community with regard to the future of service provision at the West Cumberland Hospital (WCH). In particular, there are profound concerns with regard to the future of consultant-led maternity services at the WCH, and the ‘independent’ review commissioned to investigate these services across the Trust.
I understand that the review team will be interviewing staff from the WCH maternity unit this week and that the members of staff to be interviewed by the team have been carefully chosen. Additionally, I understand that Dr Rushmer – having already described the centralisation of consultant-led services at Carlisle as an “attractive option” – will be interviewed as part of this process.
Understandably, this latest review has been greeted with suspicion.
To help build some faith in the process, can you please answer the following questions:
Who are the members of the review team?
How were they chosen?
Who were they chosen by?
Do any of the review team members have any past or present personal or professional relationships with anyone currently employed by the NCUHT or Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust?  
What will the review team inspect at WCH and CIC?
Who will they speak with?
How were these staff members chosen?
Will an accurate record be made of all discussions held?
How will service users, members of the public, and others contribute towards this review?
Is this review part of, or separate from, the national review of maternity services?
Finally, please provide a copy of the written scope of the review.
Yours faithfully,
Jamie Reed MP
Healthwatch Cumbria
Cumbria County Council
Copeland Borough Council
Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England Medical Director

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