Health Questions, 25th November 2014
Jamie begins speaking at 40:35.

Cancer Drugs Fund

Jamie Reed: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Lancaster and Fleetwood (Eric Ollerenshaw). Everyone in every part of the United Kingdom wants to improve access to cancer medicines. When the Prime Minister launched the cancer drugs fund in the home of Clive Stone, he promised to get “more drugs to people more quickly”.
Mr Stone recently criticised proposals to remove a number of drugs from the fund, writing in his local newspaper that “People are going to die, there is no doubt about it. Why don’t people keep their promises?”
Additionally, the Breakthrough Breast Cancer campaign has said that it is “deeply concerned that several very effective breast cancer drugs appear on the list of drugs at risk of delisting”.
We all know someone affected by cancer in some way. What does the Secretary of State have to say to those patients relying on those drugs that are being removed from the fund?


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