Copeland Council facing biggest cuts in the country

19th December 2014 

The Government have announced the Provisional Local Government Financial Settlement for 2015/16 and Copeland Borough Council faces the biggest cut in the entire country.
Copeland, along with a number of other councils including Barrow-in-Furness and Allerdale, faces cuts of 6.4% in spending power.  This is a loss in funding equivalent to more than £18 per house in the Borough.
This is at the same time that some Councils are receiving big increases in funding.  Surrey council are having their spending power increased by over 3% despite already getting 6 times as much funding per dwelling than Copeland Borough Council.  Surrey council will receive almost £60 per house extra in 2015/16, while Richmond upon Thames will get £36.81 per house extra.
Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:
“The Government’s plans are decimating the local services on which many people rely each day.  Key council services help some of the most vulnerable in society.  We have already heard from the National Audit Office that 40% of Local Government Funding cuts have come from adult social care.
“Council budgets have already been cut to the bone, but the worst is still to come.  Copeland Borough Council provides key services and deep cuts like the ones proposed by the Government means that these services will be stretched to breaking point. This painful reality now faces local politicians of all parties.

“There is no justification for giving already wealthy councils a major increase in funding whilst cutting funding for some of the least wealthy councils in the country. Copeland – like Allerdale and Barrow – deserves better than this, but it’s clear that it will take all of our resolve, grit, pride and determination to ensure that we succeed as a community in 2015 and beyond. We aren’t all in this together – we never have been – but as this government continues to willfully neglect of areas like ours, one thing is clear: we will succeed despite it.

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