Jamie Reed MP Hosts First Skills Summit

30th January 2015

“We can create an opportunity economy where nobody is locked out” – Reed 

Copeland MP Jamie Reed will today host the first ‘Skills Summit’ at Energus, Lillyhall. This event is taking place to develop a shared awareness of the skills issues facing the nuclear industry and the wider Cumbrian business environment.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed will say: 

“We are on the cusp of a genuinely transformational period of activity. Muli-billion pound investments especially in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors will create demand for tens of thousands of new jobs and will have an unprecedented impact upon our economy. We must now create an opportunity economy, one where everyone who wants to and has the ability to be involved is able to access economic opportunities. We can create an economy where nobody is locked out. We can become – we will become – one of the fastest growing sub-regional economies anywhere in Britain. To do this we must become known for the quality, ability and excellence of the young people we educate. We should never aim to just get by, we should aspire for excellence.

“The role of the CoNE is of national and international importance, but we need to meet the challenges that these investments now present if we are to make the most of these once in a generation developments.

“The skills and education agenda is central to realising CoNE’s aims:

  • Too few employers currently provide training opportunities for their staff 
  • The country needs more people qualified to Level 4 and beyond 
  • A significant increase is required in the number of young people studying stem subjects in beyond compulsory education 
  • We need rapid and significant investment in our local secondary schools 

“This is set against a working age population in Cumbria that has been shrinking since 2007 and which projections show looks set to continue to fall.

“Without a pipeline of talented, highly trained recruits, the opportunities for local people to secure well-paid, highly-skilled, high quality employment will be lost.

“We cannot let that happen, we must not let that happen. This is the chance to create the economy, the community and the opportunities for our fellows, for our children and for our great grandchildren that many of us never thought possible. This is the chance to create the Cumbria we have hoped for. 

“Today’s summit is the first summit designed to address the challenges ahead. We are faced with a magnificent problem to have- if we get it right we can create an opportunity economy that is the envy of the nation.”


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