West Cumbria must “prepare to succeed"

1st March 2015

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has told local businesses and councils that they should “prepare to succeed.”

The Members of Parliament for West and South Cumbria – Jamie Reed and John Woodcock – have joined forces to ensure that all of the new economic projects coming to the area are maximized for the full benefit of local people.

Speaking at the South and West Cumbria Economic Growth Summit in Barrow, Jamie Reed said:

“We are on the cusp of a genuinely transformational period of activity. Muli-billion pound investments especially in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors will create demand for tens of thousands of new jobs and will have an unprecedented impact upon our economy. We must now create an opportunity economy, one where everyone who wants to and has the ability to be involved is able to access economic opportunities. We can create an economy where nobody is locked out. We can become – we will become – one of the fastest growing sub-regional economies anywhere in Britain. 

“The task for local government and the public sector is to establish the most progressive pro-business mindset and reputation in the country. This means solving problems, not creating new ones. It means helping and listening to business and it also means business trusting local government more, becoming more pro-active and looking beyond what can be the narrow scope of the bottom line. 

“Without the necessary preparation we are talking about today in areas such as schools, healthcare, housing, transport infrastructure and more the chance for us to maximise the benefit of these investments will be lost.   

“Nobody is going to achieve success for us, we have to achieve it ourselves. It’s taken ten hard years to get to this point and we are now faced with a once-in-a-generation opportunity. We must now prepare to succeed.”

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