3,753 Copeland Families Live in Fuel Poverty

New figures released by Jamie Reed, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland, have revealed that almost 4,000 families in Copeland are living in fuel poverty.  The figures also reveal that the number of households with children in fuel poverty in England is at a record high
Since 2010, average energy bills have soared by over £300.  In the last year, wholesale energy prices have fallen by an average of 20% yet the big energy companies have only passed on cuts of 1-5% to customers.
Labour has a better plan to reduce energy bills.  A Labour Government will:

  • Freeze gas and electricity bills until 2017 so that bills can fall but not rise. 
  • Give the energy regulator the power to cut prices and a duty to act in time for this winter.
  • Reform the energy market to make it more transparent and competitive.

Labour’s plans to freeze energy bills will see households in the North West save £300 million.

Jamie Reed, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland said:

“It is simply not right that thousands of families in Copeland live in fuel poverty.  The cost of living has risen much faster than wages, yet the Conservatives prove how out of touch they are by claiming that we’ve never had it so good.

“The number of children living in fuel poverty is at a record high with many families having to chose whether to feed their family or to heat their home.  With the rise of Zero-Hours Contracts, the pernicious bedroom tax and the slowest recovery in over a hundred years, more and more are being forced into hardship and to rely on food banks.

“Only Labour’s plan to freeze energy bills so prices can fall, but not rise, will help families make ends meet.”

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