Labour’s Manifesto: A Plan to Make Copeland Families Better Off

Labour today pledged five new policies that will make families in Copeland better off.

Labour’s Better Plan includes:
  • Raising the minimum wage to more than £8 by October 2019.
  • Protecting tax credits in the next parliament, to back working families.
  • Introducing guaranteed wrap-around childcare through primary schools, underpinned by a new National Primary Childcare Service.
  • Supporting the squeezed middle by pledging not to raise income tax, National Insurance or VAT.
  • Freezing rail fares in the first year of a Labour Government whilst the railways are reformed.

These pledges prioritise working families in Copeland and elsewhere to ensure that they are better off with a Labour Government.  Britain only succeeds when working people succeed and today’s plan shows how, by securing the nation’s finances, the next Labour government  will improve Britain’s working family finances.

Jamie Reed, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland, said:

“Labour’s Better Plan clearly shows that hard working families in West Cumbria will be better off with a Labour Government

“By raising the minimum wage, by banning exploitative zero-hours contracts, by guaranteeing apprenticeships for school leavers, by protecting working tax credits and by providing 25 hours of free, high quality childcare, every family can benefit from our plan.  Whether our young people are getting ready to start school, are at school, or are thinking about their careers, this plan will help everyone to succeed and to grow a vibrant, secure local economy.

“The future of our community is brighter than it has ever been.  Despite the tough times under the Conservatives, we are now poised to turn Copeland into a place where everyone has a chance to share in the bright economic future we are building and where nobody is locked out of economic opportunity.  Labour’s better plan will deliver that bright future”


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