Tory Government cuts Cumbrian NHS by almost £6 Million

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland, Jamie Reed, has uncovered the scale of cuts the Government is forcing upon the NHS in Cumbria.
It shows that when, adjusted for inflation, the spending power of the Clinical Commissioning Group – the body that commissions and pays for services for the whole of Cumbria including at the West Cumberland Hospital, has been slashed dramatically.  For the coming year (2015/16), the budget allocation for Cumbria CCG has seen a real terms cut of £5.773 million compared with the allocation for 2014/15.  This is the equivalent to 137 full time qualified nurses, midwifes or health visitors or over 100 salaried GPs.
With services already under pressure, the Government’s cuts could have a major impact on healthcare in Cumbria.
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland and Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed said:

“I’ve repeatedly warned of this : Cameron’s cuts to the Cumbrian NHS are shameful.  David Cameron went into the last election promising to protect NHS spending, but these figures show he has broken his promise.
“Services are already under increasing pressure and the scale of these cuts will make things worse.  At a time when the NHS is struggling to recruit new staff and is having to spend millions on temporary nurses, it can ill-afford cuts imposed by the Government.  With recruitment in crisis, this money could have been used to recruit hundreds of new staff, but instead the Government have decided to slash the budget.
“These cuts will only amplify the local crisis we saw recently when the entire system – hospitals, ambulance services and social care services – ground to a halt. David Cameron wants us to judge him on his record – we look at the NHS locally and nationally and show him the door.
“Everyone depends on our NHS, whether for the care of ourselves or our loved ones.  Instead of cutting the NHS in Cumbria, the Government should back Labour’s plans to invest an additional £2.5billion per year into the NHS to specifically fund tens of thousands of new staff and improve services.

“This once again proves that you can’t trust the Tories with the NHS.”

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