Building a New West Cumbria

Labour’s Jamie Reed has welcomed new research from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce showing that shows that over the next three years, West Cumbria is set to witness the biggest construction projects anywhere in the North West of England.
The analysis – the first of its kind for the region – found that there is £114.36 billion worth of construct projects underway with the output between 2015 and 2018 expected to be £29.93 billion.
Of all of the projects included in the analysis, the report found that The Nugen Project at Moorside and continued nuclear decommissioning at Sellafield – both in Copeland – were the top two most valuable projects being undertaken across the whole North West.

Jamie Reed, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland, said:

“It has taken us ten years to get to this point, but we have worked tirelessly to get here. Ten years ago, we anticipated massive job losses at Sellafield and the potential collapse of much of the Cumbrian economy as a result of that. We worked hard to turn that around and when I began drafting new nuclear energy policy with the Blair government in 2005, I did so in the expectation that our local economy could become one of the fastest growing local economies anywhere in the country.
“It’s clear that we are building a new West Cumbria. This is what my work, and Britain’s Energy Coast, has always been about.
“None of us can rest on our laurels. We need to ensure that our infrastructure, housing, health services and training and education facilities are up to scratch in order to maximise the benefits of these projects. Our area is set to be transformed, but I want to establish an opportunity economy in Copeland which everyone can play a part in and where nobody is locked out.

“Our best days are ahead of us and as a community, we must now prepare to succeed.”

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