14,000 Children in Cumbria in Schools Rated Less Than ‘Good’ by OFSTED

New figures have revealed that over 14,000 children in Cumbria attend schools rated less than ‘Good’ by Ofsted.  The figures, taken from Ofsted statistics published by the  Department for Education, shows that a worryingly high number of children aren’t getting a high standard of education.  This comes as figures show that the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and the rest is growing for the first time since records begun.

Throughout the country, almost 50,000 teachers quit the profession last year – a ten-year high.  This comes as the number of unqualified teaching staff in schools is rising; there are now 17,100 unqualified teachers working in state schools – a rise of 16 per cent in the last year.

Labour has a better plan for education.  This includes:

  • Protecting the entire education budget, from early years to 19, ensuring that is rises in line with inflation every year.
  • Guarantee that all teachers in state schools will become qualified.
  • Cap class sizes for five, six and seven year olds at 30 pupils
  • Ensure all schools are locally accountable with new local Directors of School Standards responsible for intervening in underperforming schools.

Jamie Reed, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland, said:

“Our children must have access to the very highest quality education available.  Under the Tories, over 14,000 children are not getting the education that they need and deserve.

“We are on the verge of a transformative era in West Cumbria and to ensure that our children and young people can take advantage of the economic investment and opportunities that are coming our way, we need to equip them with a good education and the skills they need to succeed.

“By making schools accountable to a new local Director of School Standards, we can raise attainment levels, close the gap between the attainment of disadvantaged children and the rest and give our children the skills they need to fulfil their potential.


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