Reed Calls on Government to Support West Cumbria

In advance of the State Opening of Parliament, where the Queen will set out the Government’s legislative agenda for the coming year, Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has warned that the Government should not legislate to thwart the ambitions of West Cumbria.
The first Queen’s Speech since the General Election is expected to set the agenda of the Parliament for the next five years.  With Britain facing profound choices internally and externally in the shape of an EU referendum, Jamie Reed will call upon the Government to ensure that West Cumbria has the tools it needs to succeed, warning that missing this opportunity would be a ‘grave mistake’.
The most pressing issues facing West Cumbria are the continued fight for services at the West Cumberland Hospital, delivering the Moorside investment and investing in our key infrastructure including schools, our town centres and the A595.
Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“The Government simply must not miss the opportunity to give West Cumbria the tools it needs to succeed.  Our best days are ahead of us, but the Government must back the people of West Cumbria to achieve our potential.  Passing on this chance would be a grave mistake and a damning indictment of the Government’s attitude to our communities.
“There are pressing issues facing our towns and villages throughout West Cumbria and this Queen’s Speech is the first chance the new Government will have to address them – they cannot let this opportunity slip by.
“Over the last ten years, I have been fighting to secure services at the West Cumberland Hospital, investment in our schools and town centres; I have been working hard to help secure the largest single private sector investment in our community in the form of new nuclear reactors at Moorside – none of which were ever guaranteed to come to West Cumbria.
“We are slowly seeing the fruits of this hard work.  The new hospital will open in the autumn and the consultation process for new nuclear investment is underway, but there is much to be done.  We need to see significant investment in the A595 to support business investment and we need to see more investment in our education system to ensure our young people can share in the opportunities we are creating.  Our region can become one of the fastest growing economies in the entire country, the will of the people of West Cumbria is there, and the Government must now back us to achieve our potential.”

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