Jamie Reed Nominates Andy Burnham for Labour Leader

Labour supporters and Labour communities, in addition to those who wanted to support Labour at the last election but didn’t think they could, have sent us a crystal clear message – that they want Labour to change and that politics as usual doesn’t hold the answers to the problems they or the country faces. I agree with them.
I want a Labour leader with the confidence and ability to build ‘big tent’ politics beyond the Labour base. Someone who understands Labour’s traditions, is committed to changing those traditions that hold us back, and who is determined to speak for every corner of our country, take on vested interests wherever they arise and have the courage to build a broad progressive alliance in our country once more.
This requires bold thinking and a personal energy and resolve to break new ground and think the unthinkable as Labour sets out to prove that we are fit to govern.
As someone who has worked alongside Andy Burnham for the past four years, I know that he is the candidate with these qualities. 

As a Labour Member of Parliament, I have been routinely described as  ‘Blairite’. It’s because I believe that the Labour Leader should speak for the country before any other sectional interest, seek to build alliances and pursue the national interest above all others that I believe Andy Burnham has the necessary qualities to speak to the country again in a way that Labour has not done for almost ten years. This is the way in which the Labour Party will regain the trust of the country.

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