Reed Slams Government’s ‘Con Trick’

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has slammed aspects of the Government’s Budget as ‘con trick for working people in West Cumbria’.

Cuts to Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits will see thousands of families in Copeland worse off.  Instead of supporting working families, the Chancellor chose instead to give millionaires an inheritance tax cut whilst extending public sector pay restraint for a further four years.  The Chancellor also chose to scrap maintenance grants for young people from low income families making it harder for them to afford to go to university.

The Chancellor’s budget failed to deliver on improving productivity, failed on improving skills for young people and offered little on major infrastructure projects, failing again to invest in the A595

Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:

“This budget is a clear demonstration of this Government’s twisted priorities.  By choosing to give a tax cut to the richest five per cent at the expense of young people and working families, the Chancellor has shown his true colours.

“Growth forecasts have been downgraded and public sector pay limited for a further four years, student grants for low income families have been scrapped and Working Tax Credits have been scrapped.  The Chancellor’s attempts to claim success ring hollow.  He has failed on his own terms.  Under this Chancellor, he has missed his own deficit reduction targets, he has seen Britain’s credit rating downgraded and he has seen in-work poverty rise. This Chancellor has been harmful for many working people in West Cumbria.

“By making it harder for young people to stay in education, by yet again refusing investment in Cumbria’s key infrastructure and by cutting financial support for those families who are working hard, but struggling to make ends meet, this Chancellor has shown his disregard for ordinary working families.  To top it all off, the Government have again cut taxes for the wealthiest in our society, proving beyond all doubt where their true priorities lie.”

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