NuGen Land Agreement: ‘West Cumbria should prepare to succeed,’

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has welcomed the news that NuGen has today taken ownership of the Moorside site from the NDA.
Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:
“It’s taken ten years of painstaking work to reach this point but its increasingly obvious to everyone that in West Cumbria, our best days are ahead of us.  Today’s land agreement is a historic milestone in bringing new nuclear build to West Cumbria – something that the whole community has worked towards for many years and which was by no means guaranteed at any stage. There has never been anything automatic about the development of Moorside. We’ve worked hard to attract NuGen, now, they tell me this is the best place in the world to deliver a project of this type.
“This agreement is a great demonstration of faith in the nuclear expertise we have in our community and should give everyone an enormous boost in confidence.  This will give West Cumbria a real shot in the arm with tens of thousands of new jobs and the benefits for the whole local economy these will bring. Alongside new schools and training facilities, a new hospital and plans for new housing – it’s clear that we are building a new West Cumbria.

“Ten years ago we were faced with major job losses at Sellafield and the collapse of the local economy. Through hard work we have turned that situation around and as a result, West Cumbria is now well placed to become one of the fastest-growing sub regional economies in the country and a worldwide centre of excellence for the nuclear industry. There is much hard work still to be done, but the people of Copeland and West Cumbria should now prepare to succeed.”

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